COVID-19 – How you can help

We recognise that these are unprecedented and worrying times – and that for many people the primary concern will be their own health and livelihood, and that of their loved ones.  That said, we know that many people will also be worried about the impact COVID-19 is having on organisations which they love, including the CBSO.

The CBSO’s existence – and the livelihoods of its musicians and staff – rely upon income from ticket purchases and performance fees.  We estimate that the COVID-19 has already cost us a significant six-figure sum, and that the cost of not being able to give concerts will be at least £20,000 per week

Arts Council England has signalled its continuing support for the CBSO and similar organisations, and we have already taken a number of steps to secure the orchestra’s future. The present situation is nevertheless profoundly challenging for us.

Now more than ever, our supporters have a vital role to play in securing the orchestra’s future, so that we can continue to enrich even more people’s lives through music in concert halls, schools and communities for many years to come.

There are a number of ways you can help:

Consider donating the value of your tickets if we cancel a concert – we’ll be in touch with you regarding any concerts which are cancelled and you will be given the option to donate all or part of the ticket value to the CBSO.