Meet the CBSO

This project will launch soon, so keep checking back here for more information.

What is a symphony orchestra? What does the conductor do? Why is it so special that Birmingham has its own symphony orchestra? What happens at a concert, and why? What’s the most unusual place the CBSO has ever given a concert?

As the CBSO prepares to celebrate its 100th Birthday in 2020, this one hour introduction to the CBSO will answer these questions and many more. Led by a member of the orchestra, supported by musical props and film, this interactive presentation is the ideal way to introduce pupils to the instruments, people and activity of a 21st Century, world class symphony orchestra! 

In addition to the presentation, schools will receive a resource pack providing ideas for other activities inspired by the history and work of the CBSO, as well as a listening guide for pupils containing repertoire that showcases the different sections of the orchestra - all from the CBSO’s own back catalogue of recordings! 

This interactive presentation lasts for approximately 1 hour and is suitable for whole Key Stage groups, and is suitable for KS1, KS2, KS3 and special schools. We are able to provide 2 presentations within a morning or afternoon for different age groups or classes as required.  

The cost of a ‘Meet the CBSO’ presentation is £150, to book your visit or for more information please contact or call 0121 616 6522.