Town Junior School

As part of the Myths & Legends project, two Year 5 classes from Town Junior School worked with CBSO musicians Jane Wright (violin) and Charlotte Skinner (violin) on their pieces ‘Rainbow Eruptions’ and ‘A Pack in the Moonlight’. ‘Rainbow Eruptions’ uses different instruments to represent different colours and to create the illusion of lava and eruptions! Don’t miss the call and response section with the drums in the middle. Listen out to the different sounds created by the xylophones for the bubbling lava, and violin, drums, bells, and maracas for the eruptions! How many eruptions can you count?

‘A Pack in the Moonlight’ begins with ringing bells as the journey in the moonlight begins. Listen to the footsteps and clapping and imagine the pack moving forward. Out of this comes the gentle guitar strumming and gliding violin lines before a turn to something more ominous. As the piece builds towards the end, listen out for the percussion surrounding the violin melody. Year 5 worked with Ning-Ning Li to create colourful illustrations that you can enjoy looking at below