GCSE & A Level Support

This offer from the CBSO will enable students studying GCSE or A Level music to delve deeper into their understanding of set works by learning about them from the musicians’ perspective. Set works are also regularly programmed as part of the CBSO’s main concert series at Symphony Hall and in our Centre Stage chamber music series at the CBSO Centre, so why not bring a group to experience their set work being performed live by world class musicians.

We are also able to support students who are undertaking composition as part of the GCSE or A Levels. We challenge pupils to create new works for our players through their composition activities. This new area of work provides schools with a visit from a CBSO musician who provides a performance for students, exams in detail the range of techniques at their disposal, but also the limitations of their instrument. Pupils then compose their pieces for this instrumentalist, who returns to rehearse and perform these pieces for the pupils.

Costs for a CBSO musician to attend school to support analysis and composition start at £175 per session (up to 3 hours), and Symphony Hall performances by the CBSO can be accessed by school groups with tickets at £6 per person.

For more information about these projects, or to discuss your specific requirements please contact education@cbso.co.uk