Classic Fm Hall Of Fame.

You love them, so we play them - a selection of the most delicious musical moments ever, handpicked just for you.

The Classic FM Hall of Fame is the definitive countdown of the UK’s favourite classical music. Pomp and Circumstance, Jurassic Park, Barber’s Adagio... admit it, you’re humming the tunes already! Classic FM’s John Suchet hosts, as conductor Stephen Bell, soprano Elizabeth Llewellyn, pianist Jayson Gillham and the full CBSO present an evening filled with the world’s most beautiful music – so, whatever your tastes, we guarantee there will be something you’ll love!

Photo: Elizabeth Llewellyn © Frances Marhsall


We have no doubt that there’ll be something familiar in this concert - whether that’s Barber’s Adagio for Strings which has featured in everything from Platoon to The Simpsons, John Williams’ theme from Jurassic Park, or Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto - used in films including Brief Encounter and Spider-Man 3!



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