John Williams Aug 22.


  • Includes music from: Raiders of the Lost Ark • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade • Jurassic Park • Schindler’s List • Memoirs of a Geisha • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone • Catch Me If You Can • Star Wars • ET • Jaws • Close Encounters of the Third Kind • Saving Private Ryan

Celebrate the magic and the music of John Williams this August and join the CBSO as they wish a very happy 90th birthday to one of the most popular composers of all time. The genius of John Williams has touched countless lives through his music for films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jaws, ET, Schindler’s List – and many more – and the CBSO will be performing a selection of amazing music from all of them this evening. 


Tickets can be booked online or by calling the B:Music Box Office on 0121 780 3333.

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