Street Music.


  • Rota La Strada: Suite25′
  • Zimmermann Trumpet Concerto “Nobody knows the trouble I see”15′
  • (20-minute interval at approx. 8.10pm)
  • Ellington Harlem18′
  • Stravinsky Petrushka35′
  • (This concert will end at approx 9.30pm)

The worlds of jazz, classical and film music collide in a concert that offers something completely different.

If you’re looking for something different, then this concert should be top of your list! We open with a cinematic score by the composer of The Godfather, followed by a wild, jazz-infused trumpet concerto, performed by rising trumpet star Simon Höfele. The second half sees the worlds of jazz legend Duke Ellington and influential composer Igor Stravinsky collide: a swinging trip to jazz-age Harlem and ​riotous ballet in an old Russian fairground - both equally thrilling and sure to impress.

Photo: Simon Höfele © Marco Borggreve


For jazz fans, the sound of Duke Ellington will be wonderfully familiar - and his symphonic jazz composition for full orchestra is packed with his signature sounds. Just imagine you’re taking a stroll around Harlem on a Sunday morning...



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