The Classic Fm Movie Music Hall Of Fame.


  • Includes music from:
  • Lord of the Rings • Star Wars • Schindler’s List •Gladiator • Harry Potter • Dances with Wolves •The Magnificent Seven • The Mission • Jurassic Park • Gone With The Wind • Star Trek • Psycho• Lawrence of Arabia • Pirates of the Caribbean •Titanic • The Great Escape • Romeo and Juliet

You vote for them, so we play them! Classic FM’s Hall of Fame is full of terrific movie scores – but there isn’t a cinema sound system on earth to compare with the sensation of hearing film music played live in concert by the 80-strong CBSO. From classics like Psycho and The Great Escape to modern favourites like Harry Potter, Gladiator, Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean, just sit back – and be swept away!


For 2017-18 CBSO Concerts and non-CBSO events administered by THSH, the ticket price above includes a per-ticket commission (£3 on phone and in-person transactions, £2.50 online - save 50p per ticket)