Wind Strings 23 Sept 22.


  • Nielsen Serenata in vano
  • Halvorsen Passacaglia on a Theme of Handel
  • Isang Yun Trio
  • Strauss  Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders

Musical tricks and treats abound in this hour-long performance. Strauss’s Till Eulenspiegel casts the violas as clergy and the bassoons as dour academics, but there’s a whole lot more fun for the violins, who are given a breathtaking love song as the piece’s titular hero makes his jaunty progress. But will Strauss’s lovers have more luck than Nielsen’s? This merry band are left out in the cold when a beautiful woman remains unmoved by their playing. We’re sure that the same won’t be said of you after this charming afternoon of musical storytelling.

Performance durations vary, but are usually less than 1 hour.
A selection of delicious cakes and hot drinks will be available to buy up to an hour before the performances.

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