From romance to epic, this concert has it all!

You want romance? We’ve got romance: Chopin’s Piano Concerto was written for the love of his young life and will make you swoon and who doesn’t love a swoon? You want epic? We’ve got epic! Mozart’s Symphony no. 41 (the ‘Jupiter’) is, literally, out of this world. You want a sparkling Overture put together almost overnight by a 20-year-old? Just ask Schubert.

About Benjamin Grosvenor plays Chopin

Join the CBSO Career Accelerator Fellows for a FREE performance at B:Eats from 12:00pm. The programme will include works by Holst, Piazzola, Saint-Saëns, Britten, Shaw, Strauss, and Tchaikovsky.

Full programme

  • Schubert, Overture in the Italian Style in C major  (7mins)
  • Chopin, Piano Concerto No. 2  (33mins)
  • Mozart, Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter)  (36mins)


  • Photo of pianist Ben Grosvenor sat on a stool, looking away from the camera.

    Benjamin Grosvenor

  • Conductor of Riccardo Minasi is photographed leaning against a fire place, with a large painting in the background. Riccardo is holding his baton and smiling at the camera.

    Riccardo Minasi