Ever wondered what it’s like to sing live at Symphony Hall with the full CBSO? Now’s your chance to find out, in this one-off performance from scratch of Mozart’s Requiem, and a short appetiser by Errollyn Wallen. And whether you’re an aspiring diva or have only ever sung in the shower, this is your chance to rehearse and perform under the expert guidance of the CBSO’s world-famous Chorus Director, Simon Halsey.

About CBSO Singalong: Mozart's Requiem

For Singers

Rehearsals will start at 1.30pm - Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the rehearsal to collect your score and take your seat in the auditorium

You will be provided with a copy of the score, which will already contain Simon Halsey's markings

There is no dress code for this performance, so please wear whatever is most comfortable.

Full programme

  • Wallen, Peace on Earth  (4mins)
  • Mozart, Requiem  (48mins)