One cello sounds gorgeous. So imagine the mouthwatering sonic decliciousness when a whole team of them play in close harmony.

It’s like dark chocolate for the ears, and today the CBSO’s cello section has a story to tell, with melodious musical tales from Ravel, Puccini, Tchaikovsky, and many more. You already know the tunes (and the stories) – hear them get the deluxe treatment!

About Centre Stage: Cello Ensemble

Full programme

  • Suppé arr. Gwyn Seymour, Light Cavalry Overture 
  • Puccini arr. Gerardo Aponte Cupido, Suite Tosca 
  • Schubert arr. Sheryl Smith, Erlkönig 
  • Humperdinck arr. Martin Jones and Helen Edgar, Hansel and Gretel, the Evening Prayer 
  • Tchaikovsky arr. Gwyn Seymour, Nutcracker Suite - Overture Miniature, March, Trepak