Epic soundtracks from FINAL FANTASY.

In an adventure that spans aeons and worlds – an unending, magical struggle between the forces of good and evil – the power of music stands undefeated. Tense, atmospheric and charged with emotion, the soundtracks are as compelling as the gameplay and in this concert, the full 80-piece CBSO plays music from FINAL FANTASY V, VIII, IX and XIII. Epic doesn’t cover it…

Licensed by Square Enix. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark or trademark of Square Enix Group Co., Ltd.

About Final Symphony II: Music from FINAL FANTASY

Full programme

  • Valtonen, In a Roundabout Way: Fanfare 
  • Hamauzu, FINAL FANTASY XIII: Utopia in the Sky 
  • Uematsu, FINAL FANTASY IX: For the People of Gaia 
  • Uematsu, FINAL FANTASY VIII: Mono no aware 
  • Uematsu, FINAL FANTASY V: Library of Ancients 


  • Photograph of Eckehard Stier conducting.

    Eckehard Stier

  • Photograph of pianist Mischa Cheung. Mischa is playing the piano on stage, with a bright light behind him.

    Mischa Cheung