Glowing lights and grand passions from Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Grieg.

Pohjola’s daughter sits on a rainbow, weaving visions and spells, but tonight it’s the young Norwegian conductor Tabita Berglund who’s bringing magic from the North. That means raw emotion, in the symphony that Tchaikovsky composed “with desire and passion”, plus sounds that glow like Aurora Borealis as British pianist Paul Lewis plays in Grieg’s enchanting Piano Concerto.

About Grieg's Piano Concerto

Where Have I Heard it Before?

Morecambe, Wise and André Previn. This unexpected trio made their debut in a Morecambe and Wise Christmas special in which they performed an excerpt from Grieg's Piano Concerto.

Piano Concerto Grieg

Full programme

  • Sibelius, Pohjola’s Daughter  (12mins)
  • Grieg, Piano Concerto  (30mins)
  • Tchaikovsky, Symphony No.5  (47mins)


  • Headshot of Tabita Berglund

    Tabita Berglund

  • Photograph of Paul Lewis.

    Paul Lewis