Spirituality and the orchestra combine for a goose-bump-inducing evening.

Widely regarded as the biggest step forward for the art-form in decades, the Orchestral Qawwali Project has captivated audiences through its unique combination of Sufi poetry, Indian Classical dance and orchestral arrangements. Written and directed by composer Rushil Ranjan, the Project features the soaring vocals of Abi Sampa in effortless combination with rich orchestral arrangements performed by the CBSO and the dynamic grace of Parkash Pal’s tabla

About CBSO & The Orchestral Qawwali Project


  • Headshot of Ben Palmer

    Ben Palmer

  • Photograph of Rushil Ranjan

    Rushil Ranjan

    Composer, Music Director, Harmonium, Piano, Guitar
  • Photograph of Abi Sampa

    Abi Sampa

    Lead Vocalist, Harmonium
  • Photograph of Parkash Pal

    Parkash Pal

  • Photograph of George Kakas

    George Kakas

  • Photograph of Lydia Alonso holding her cello.

    Lydia Alonso

  • Headshot of Vidya Patel

    Vidya Patel