An evening of miracles, wonders and glorious melodies.

“Free but Happy” was Brahms’s motto, and he coded it into the very notes of his lovely Third Symphony. Back in the 18th century, meanwhile, Haydn’s 96th Symphony was such a hit with the British public that they called it a “miracle”. Conductor Nicholas Carter shows you why tonight, and joins violinist Carolin Widmann in the sonic wonderland of Ligeti’s Violin Concerto. Expect sounds like you’ve never imagined.

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Symphony No. 96 (Menuetto) Haydn

Full programme

  • Haydn, Symphony No.96 (Miracle)  (21mins)
  • Ligeti, Violin Concerto  (29mins)
  • Brahms, Symphony No.3  (37mins)


  • Headshot of Nicholas Carter.

    Nicholas Carter

  • Headshot of violinist Carolin Widmann

    Carolin Widmann