Section Leader Oboe



Application deadline

Job description

The CBSO is seeking to appoint the a Section Leader Oboe to its woodwind section. The current Oboe section is as follows:

Section Leader: Position vacant 
Principal Second Oboe: Emmet Byrne
Principal Cor Anglais: Rachael Pankhurst

In addition to the main symphonic repertoire, the orchestra play everything from baroque to contemporary music, and from large scale opera to light music, the successful candidate will also manage the section, attend auditions, sit on recruitment panels and attend Section Leader meetings. The CBSO tune to A440Hz.

How to apply

To apply to for this position, please fill in the application form and send to You may also submit a CV to support your application.

Please note that our shortlisting process is anonymous, so your CV will be redacted to remove any personal details. Please ensure your CV does not have excessive references to your name or personal details. Many thanks.

We ask that you complete the equal opportunities information online when you submit your application. The information collected will be treated as confidential, used for statistical purposes only, and will not be treated as part of your application.

Any Apple software users please ensure documents are made into PDF as we are unable to read Pages files.

Finally, please ensure that you have included your contact details as well as any dates when you will not be available.

Essential skills

  • Highly reputable classical music training
  • Commitment to delivering a very high standard of work
  • Innovative and creative character with a broad outlook focused on enhancing the artistic quality of the CBSO and CBSO woodwind section
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to work co-operatively as part of a team
  • Ability to develop positive working relationships including with other members of the orchestra and management/administrative team
  • Respect for others demonstrated by being fully prepared to play at the start of every session
  • Ability to understand and speak English
  • Self-motivated, reliable and able to work under pressure

Desirable skills

  • Proven expertise in a broad range of musical and performance activities including education work and chamber music
  • Experience of leading an orchestral oboe section
  • Considerable recent orchestral experience as a professional oboist