KS2 Hybrid School Concert: The CBSO Escape Room Challenge

Our brand-new Key Stage 2 hybrid concert provides pupils with the opportunity to watch world-class ensemble performance in a safe environment through an interactive film and live presentation.

KABOOM! Oh no! Our orchestra has exploded and our poor musicians are scattered behind 4 locked doors…

Join our CBSO musician as they accompany our KS2 film through a series of musical escape room challenges. Each activity is designed around the curriculum to help build an understanding of the six interrelated dimensions of music: Metre, Harmony, Melody, Dynamics, Articulation and Ostinato. 

Ks2 Hybrid Concert Film Screenshot 1.

To open each door, an interactive challenge for the children must be successfully completed to “unlock" a new section of the orchestra - allowing our live CBSO musician the opportunity to focus on different sections, instruments and the sounds they produce. Also included is a live performance as part of the melody section, meaning that the children can enjoy hearing and seeing the whole orchestra on film and still have the benefit of experiencing a world-class musician performing for them in the flesh.

Give it a try! If you think you’re clever enough to free the whole orchestra…

The cost of a booking is £150 and includes the following:

  • Half day - up to 2 performances of 45-minutes each
  • Live performance and presentation in school by one CBSO musician
  • Participatory activities
  • Q&A opportunities

Specifically designed to capture little imaginations, our KS2 hybrid concert aims to tick every curriculum box while providing unforgettable, fun and inspirational artists. It is also designed with school Covid regulations in mind, providing an opportunity to hear and learn about multiple CBSO musicians but with only one CBSO musician being present at your school in order to minimise numbers. We look forward to seeing you in your school soon!

We understand that extra precautions are necessary at present and we are taking care to ensure our visits are Covid compliant and fully risk assessed. Please contact us to discuss requirements around ‘school bubbles’. To book your visit or for further information please contact Carolyn Burton, CBSO Schools Officer, on cburton@cbso.co.uk or call 0121 616 6522.