Afternoon Tea with Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

150 guests were joined by Osborn Music Director Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla, Artist in Residence Jörg Widmann and CBSO Musicians on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy an Afternoon Tea. The room was filled with happy chatter and sweet treats as Stephen Maddock, Chief Executive, took to the microphone to begin his interview with our two special guests. 

Being able to listen to the conversation between Mirga and Jörg was most interesting. It isn’t often we hear from a living composer and so what a treat it was to hear from Jörg, who not only composes incredible pieces, but also conducts and is a fantastic clarinettist. Listening to Jörg talk about his piece, Babylon Suite, and how his vision of ancient Babylon bears so much similarity to the modern world - followed by how Mirga has approached conducting it - was fascinating.

Many who attend our concerts regularly will notice Mirga’s recent experiment of moving the strings section to an antiphonal seating arrangement. Mirga describes this format as being like a tree with the 1st and 2nd violin sections being like the trunk of the tree, and the full orchestra being the branches and leaves, providing the detail in the music.

Stephen welcomed questions from the floor and the guests didn’t disappoint! We heard about Mirga and Jörg’s youth and their first key musical moments as children; we explored Mozart and his melancholy themes and discussed the pros and cons of using a baton.

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To close the event, Mirga and Jörg helped pull our 7 raffle winners, who all walked away with fantastic prizes. A huge thank you to all those who joined us for the occasion and purchased raffle tickets. The event raised over £4,000 for the CBSO and its ambitious future under Mirga’s visionary leadership.

Many thanks to the following:

Park Regis for a voucher for two to enjoy a Hendricks Afternoon Tea

Staying Cool for a voucher for an overnight stay in a spacious studio apartment at Rotunda

Hyatt Hotel for a voucher for two to enjoy Afternoon Tea

Strada for a voucher for two to enjoy a two-course meal with prosecco

Tom’s Kitchen  for a voucher for two to enjoy a weekend brunch with champagne

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