Music in Schools Bounces Back

Learning and Participation were delighted to get back to live music-making in schools over the last few months of term - offering 121 sessions for local children, alongside 3 live-streamed concerts. In total, more than 5,000 children got to meet the CBSO's musicians and find out more about what they do. 

Second Violin Bryony Morrison writes: 

"Being back in schools this term has been a real treat & a beautiful reminder of what it is we all love most about live music. Whether it has been through sharing our Dinosaur Disco show for infants, telling the story of the Invisible String that connects us to everyone we love, using dance music to cheer up our Stringly Come Dancing teddy bear mascot or stepping inside the magical kingdom of Stravinsky’s Firebird, each school visit has made us smile. Firstly, we have been struck by the way humans, and particularly children, respond to music in such a visceral and instinctive way. There’s nothing quite like playing Vivaldi and seeing a sea of small faces light up with joy and excitement, or hearing them join in with their hands and feet in a way they just can’t contain, almost as if the music demanded it of them. Grown ups are good at listening with their ears, but children listen with every fibre of their being and you can’t help but be wholly in the moment with them. Secondly, we have experienced music as an uplifting escape, a way to forget the realities of Covid and to exist, if only for a moment, in a world of imagination. When kids are dancing their way around our make-believe Glitter Globe, singing about being close to friends they’re missing or listening to music from the CBSO Dinosaur Park, they are so engrossed that even we grown ups are able to forget about the year we’ve just had. This is what live performance can do. We may still be socially distanced, but music makes us feel so very together. And we are grateful!"

Bryony Morrison. Credit: Upstream Photography.
Credit: Upstream Photography.