Sutton Celebrations Podcast with the CBSO

Devised in partnership with Sutton Arts, five musicians from CBSO who live in Sutton Coldfield recorded brand new works and spoke to host Vimal Korpal as part of the Sutton Celebrations podcast.

The episode features 5 players from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, all of whom happen to live in Sutton Coldfield. Host Vimal Korpal gets to chinwag with these world class musicians and hear them play their beautiful instruments all in the gorgeous setting of Holy Trinity Church of England, Sutton Coldfield. 

This podcast features 4 world premieres - Suite for 5 Instruments, Polyphony (words by Jasmine Gardosi), Solo for Contrabass Clarinet and a re-arrangement of the Equinox theme music for the CBSO Players, composed by Jobe Sullivan. 

Hosted by Vimal Korpal
Theme music composed by Jobe Sullivan
Poem by Jasmine Gardosi, Commissioned by Black Country Touring 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Cunningham

The CBSO players are:
Amy Jones - Violin
Colin Twigg - Viola
Jo Patton - Clarinet
Mark O'Brien - Bass Clarinet/Contrabass Clarinet
Elspeth Dutch - Horn

Podcast produced by Stella Thebridge and Jobe Sullivan, on behalf of Active Arts

With a huge thank you to The Royal Sutton Town Council for funding this series, as well as to the CBSO and Holy Trinity for their in-kind support.