We're Giving the Gift of Live Music

This February, almost two years after the start of the pandemic, around 13,500 young people from across the West Midlands will return to the concert hall to hear the CBSO perform live.

The CBSO is committed to inspiring a lifelong appreciation of live performance. Our schools’ concerts are central to this vision; they act as a crucial access point to orchestral music in the concert hall. This is more vital than ever following the devastating effects of the pandemic. Covid-19 has had a severe impact on us all, but no more so than on our young people. 

Each year, our schools' concerts welcome a new generation of music-lovers into the concert hall and in turn offer them some of the many benefits of live music. Live music can:

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  • Broaden children’s horizons offering the opportunity to hear world-class orchestral performances at an incredible venue on their doorstep
  • Expand knowledge in a fun and age-appropriate way by explaining the way an orchestra works and the context in which music was written
  • Act as a catalyst for wider exploration of music, becoming a gateway to different genres and highlighting their influence on contemporary music
  • Encourage wider educational attainment due to the many transferable skills promoted through music education
  • Cultivate personal development, including creativity, imaginative thinking, communication and confidence

This year, our performances for Key Stage 2 and 3 (children aged 7 to 14) focus on the Natural World, as we take children and young people on an hour-long musical exploration of nature both at home and abroad. For key stage one, it's territory altogether more unusual as Bryony and Charlotte take the children on a thrilling Race Through Space. 

The much-loved conductor Mike Seal, who works regularly with our Youth Orchestra, is joined by BBC Radio 3's Tom Redmond. Tom is well known as a presenter, horn player, and an animateur with a specialist focus on music education. Combined with our world-class orchestra these concerts provide a rare opportunity for thousands of children in and around Birmingham, as well as complimenting the work we do in classrooms across the region. 

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Delivering these specially tailored concerts costs over £160,000. Income from ticket sales and support from Services for Education covers just over half of this, but we’re left with around £90,000 to fundraise through trust and foundations and philanthropic individuals like you. 

Thanks to support from an anonymous donor, all donations towards our Schools’ Concerts Appeal will be matched pound for pound, enabling you to double the impact of your support. Help give the gift of live music by donating today.

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