David Gregory

Tutti First Violin

Born in Sparkhill, Birmingham, David took up the violin at the age of six when players from the CBSO visited his primary school and made such an impression that he decided immediately that he must learn the instrument. ‘Luckily’, says David, ‘there was a violin teacher just around the corner from where I lived’.

Further study with CBSO violinist Sylvia Peel and, whilst reading Music at Oxford University, with Manoug Parikian, then led to a one-year postgraduate diploma at the Royal Academy of Music with Hugh Maguire of the Allegri Quartet.

Before joining the CBSO David sang tenor in London churches and chapels, had holiday jobs as a waiter and barman and -before university - learned shoe repairing from his father who had a shop in Bartley Green.

David joined the CBSO as part of the second violins, moving to first violins after a few years. He has enjoyed presenting pre-concert talks for many years, often using CBSO colleagues to illustrate them. Having been leader of the Midland Youth Orchestra and subsequently a coach for their first violins, David says it was ‘natural’ to continue to coach the violins in the CBSO Youth Orchestra and it ‘has been wonderful to see the Youth Orchestra continually improve and achieve so much since its inception’.