Welcoming the next generation of concertgoers

Your support will enable us to innovate in order to introduce younger and more diverse audiences to music.

In the Recovery phase we've been able to experiment with new ways of presenting music, both inside and outside our traditional venues, to attract an even broader range of audience members. This has included:

  • Bringing music to life through new technologies including a large screen in Symphony Hall
  • Trialling the presentation of more informal concerts including the Symphonic Sessions, our partnership with Hockley Social Club, a former print works and popular venue in Birmingham City Centre 

In the Renewal phase, we will launch a Future Audiences Initiative which will:

  • Welcome diverse community groups by offering free tickets for, and transport to, our concerts
  • Build upon our Youth Ambassadors’ Programme to stay connected to the musical priorities of young people
  • Maintain our programme of over 30 concerts per year for young concertgoers
  • Ensure the Symphonic Sessions remain a core strand of our work
Cbso 2021 10 Jazz In The Jungle Cr Hannah Fathers 6 1.
Cbso 2021 10 Symphonic Sessions Cr Hannah Fathers 11 1.

Noa's Story

"The CBSO’s Youth Ambassadors’ scheme has been an experience that you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else. There were 13 of us on the scheme and we had the opportunity to programme a concert from scratch – it was so exciting! We had total creative freedom to do whatever we wanted - it really let us push at the boundaries of what a concert can be. Our overall aim was to attract the broadest audience possible, but also to challenge perceptions of orchestral music. We chose some traditional pieces and some works that were really ‘out there’ and new! It was so empowering to know we could make the artistic decisions and it’s been a huge boost to my confidence. It was great to work with an orchestra that’s thinking about the future and what’s happening now."

Noa Dewally, Youth Ambassador (2019-20)

Bollywood at Symphony Hall.

"I'm so grateful to the CBSO, in particular the Learning and Participation department, whose work I have benefited from and has impacted my life greatly. My time with the CBSO has been amazing thus far and I hope to continue to perform with and watch them for many more years."
Caitlin Duff, Youth Ambassador 2019-20

Cbso Grand Central H7 A2059 1.

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