The Practicalities

Mirga C B Ealovega. Credit: Ben Ealovega.

Making a will is usually a quick, simple and inexpensive process that ensures the people and charities you care about are well looked-after.

You can choose to leave the CBSO:

  • All, or a share of what is left of the value of your estate, once other obligations and gifts to loved ones have been fulfilled
  • A fixed sum
  • A specific asset such as an item of property, a house, valuables or shares - your solicitor can even help you to make these available to your loved ones during their lifetime before leaving them as a gift to us in the future

Suggested wording

If you would like your legacy to support the CBSO's Endowment we suggest you use the following wording:

I give to The CBSO Development Trust, CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham B1 2LF, registered charity number 1042296, [the residue] / [share of the residue] of my estate [or] [the sum of £x] free of tax as expendable endowment for the general purposes of the charity.

If you would like your legacy to support immediate CBSO activity in the period after it is received:

I give to The CBSO, CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham B1 2LF, registered charity number 506276, [the residue] / [share of residue] of my estate [or] [the sum of £x] free of tax to support the general purposes of the charity over [number] years.

Updating your will

It is recommended that you review your will regularly - at least every 3 years or if circumstances have changed in your life. We advise that you speak to your solicitor, who can prepare and check your will to ensure it is legally valid and your wishes are respected.

By downloading our form below, you can request your solicitor contacts you to make these arrangements.

We’re thrilled to announce that as part of a renewed corporate partnership, local legal experts Nicholls Brimble Bhol Solicitors are offering a 20% discount on the standard fees for will writing or amendment service to CBSO audience members. To learn more contact Eve Vines or call 0121 726 9999 and ask for Chris Nicholls.

Inheritance tax

Mirga conducts schools concerts for 8,000 children in 2017.

Your solicitor can provide information about the positive effects of leaving a donation in your will on the inheritance tax due on your estate. At present, all legacies to charities are free from inheritance tax and by leaving at least 10% of your estate to charity can reduce your overall inheritance tax bill from 40% to 36% (if your estate is worth over £325,000 and in certain circumstances). Visit for details.