Youth Chorus FAQ

Am I eligible?
If you are in school years 9 to 13 and enjoy singing then you may be eligible to audition for the CBSO Youth Chorus.

Can I observe a rehearsal before auditioning?
If you would like to join the CBSO Youth Chorus but are unsure of what it entails, why not come along to CBSO Centre to see what it is all about. Prospective new members are invited every year to an open rehearsal, where you can try out the Chorus before auditioning. Open rehearsals for prospective applicants are held at various times throughout the year and are generally arranged to precede audition dates, once these have been set. For further information please contact Ella McNamee, Children’s and Youth Chorus Officer, 0121 616 6530.

When are the next audition dates?
Auditions for the CBSO Youth Chorus are usually held three times a year in September, December/January and June/July. For further information please contact Ella McNamee, Children’s and Youth Chorus Officer, 0121 616 6530. Alternatively you can apply now using the online Youth Chorus application form.

What happens at the audition?
To become a member of CBSO Youth Chorus you have to do a short informal audition. Each audition lasts up to 15 minutes and you will be asked to perform a prepared piece from memory, do some simple ear and range tests to assess your musicianship and responsiveness, and attempt some sight-reading. The prepared piece should ideally be a piece of classical-style repertoire, to reflect the nature of the Chorus – a piece from any of the exam boards (ABRSM, Trinity, Guildhall, etc.) is fine. All candidates are asked to sing with the official accompanist who will be an experienced member of our team who can help you through the audition. A warm up room is provided where you can spend a few minutes before your audition warming up your voice.

Why do I have to sight sing in my audition?
Sight singing gives us an indication of how quickly you will be able to learn the music we sing in the choir. Sight singing is a matter of practice; do not let your sight singing ability deter you from applying.

Where and when are rehearsals held?
Rehearsals are held every Monday evening from 7pm - 9pm during term-time. The Chorus meets once a week and learns a great amount of quality, often difficult music each season. Rehearsals are held at the CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham, B1 2LF.

What is the commitment?
If you are offered a place in the Youth Chorus you will be expected to commit to weekly rehearsals and participate in all concerts.