Each year a new cohort of CBSO Youth Ambassadors take over the concert hall for one night to programme a very special concert with the orchestra. 

Meet our 2021/22 Cohort of Youth Ambassadors

2 Alex.
3 Alexandra.
6 Amira.


I’m Alex and I study Music at the University of Birmingham. Neither of my parents play musical  instruments but they took me to children’s concerts from a young age. I now play the Tuba and have a passion for making classical music more accessible to a wide variety of people.


I am currently studying for my A levels and am very passionate about music. I want to bring more inclusivity to classical music, encourage more people of my own age and inspire people to appreciate its history.


My name is Amira, I am 19 and I play violin. I am originally a London girl, but am studying music at University of Birmingham. Growing up I watched my music service in Waltham Forest receive funding cuts which impacted the number of students learning music. Ensuring music education and classical music is accessible, inclusive, and relevant is very important to me.

9 Bradley.
10 Holly.
1 Connor.


I am a third year trumpet student at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Being a black orchestral musician I am passionate about championing the music of black composers and performers past and present and have been involved in many projects to try and change the status quo. I play with the Chineke! Orchestra, and am in the process of founding the first Diversity in Music society at Birmingham City University. Music is something that should be for people from all walks of life and I hope to play a part in making everyone feel welcome.


I'm Bronagh and I'm 18 years old. I'm excited about joining the CBSO Youth Ambassadors because I think that everybody, regardless of background, should have access to live music. I started playing the violin at a young age and had the privilege of joining orchestras. The most enjoyable aspect has been meeting new people and playing as a community. This is why I'm so passionate about music making for everybody - the friends you gain and the skills you learn extend beyond just playing an instrument. In my free time I enjoy skateboarding, although the risks aren't very compatible with playing the violin!


I have attended CBSO concerts for much of my life, and can't imagine a Birmingham without it. I am really excited to work with the CBSO to widen access and make orchestral music here more approachable for the community as a whole, and in particular my peers. I have been musical since a young age, and play the bassoon, flute and piano. I currently attend the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire as a bassoonist and conductor, and ultimately aspire to become an orchestral conductor. I am currently in year 13, and am taking A levels in music, English literature and German. In my free time I enjoy reading and playing rugby and hockey.

4 Bronagh.
7 Isobel.
5 Jada.


I lived in Bearwood, Smethwick for the first 11 years of my life and started learning the piano, when I was 5. I was lucky to have parents that were extremely supportive of my passion for music, with my mum being a cello teacher and my dad also playing guitar and piano. I very much enjoy school and academics, and during my time at secondary school I have found a passion for literature and theatre.


I am a music undergraduate at the University of Birmingham and have played the violin since I was seven. I regularly play in my local youth orchestra and through orchestral playing I have developed a life-long circle of friends and learnt to appreciate the wide variety of different genres orchestral music covers. This stimulated my application to be a Youth Ambassador, as I wanted to help others discover and develop these for themselves.


I’m Jada and I am currently in year 12. I wanted to be an ambassador for the CBSO because I have a passion for music and I love to promote music of all genres. I play the flute in my school orchestra and Wolverhampton Music Service concert band and am self-taught in guitar, piano, saxophone, and ukulele.