The launch of 'Sama', a new album featuring songs of virtue - sharing the idea of unity, harmony, and balance by a vocalist on a mission to #KeepBhajansAlive, Bhavik Haria.

Bhavik Haria returns for his 2024 UK tour to present his brand new devotional album, alongside your favourite Bhajans and a stellar lineup of musicians. Since the launch of the #KeepBhajansAlive mission, the project has achieved widespread success.

"Crafted to explore different dimensions of life's journey, the album goes beyond religious boundaries, aiming to resonate universally and foster a deep emotional connection in each Bhajan. It serves as a transformative odyssey, reflecting the intricate nuances of human experience, from gratitude and compassion to the profound circle of life and the liberating power of forgiveness." - Bhavik Haria

Produced by Bhavik Haria in partnership with Arts Council England and Atlantic Electrics. Supported by Vascroft Contractors, BAME In Property, Bavisi Notaries and Panache Spa.

About At the CBSO Centre: Bhavik Haria Live

This event is hosted by Bhavik Haria. For enquiries about this event, or to find out more, please contact Bhavik Haria directly. Doors open: 7:30pm.