About our events

List of Events

  1. Photograph of Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla conducting the CBSO.

    From Mirga with Love

  2. Photograph of families and young children watching a Notelets performance

    Notelets: 8 & 9 Dec

  3. Photograph of a woman smiling and talking to a friend in the Symphony Hall foyer

    Members' Reception

  4. Photograph of Kazuki Yamada conducting the CBSO at Symphony Hall.

    Kazuki conducts Beethoven's Eroica

  5. Centre Stage: Symphonic Six

  6. Photograph of Margaret Cookhorn playing the ContraBassoon whilst wearing a Father Christmas outfit

    The CBSO at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

  7. Choral Christmas with Anna Lapwood

  8. Photograph of Michael England conducting the CBSO, whilst the players wear Christmas hats.

    Christmas at the Movies

  9. The CBSO at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

  10. The CBSO at Malvern Forum Theatre

  11. Viennese New Year

  12. Grieg's Piano Concerto

  13. Photograph of cakes and sandwiches at an afternoon tea

    Afternoon Tea

  14. Photograph of red wine glasses.

    Members' Reception

  15. Photograph of Eugene Tzikindelean playing the violin at Symphony Hall.

    Kazuki conducts Symphonie Fantastique

  16. Photograph of musicians in a range of costumes posing for a photograph after a Relaxed Concert

    Relaxed Concerts

  17. Headshot of conductor Maxim Emelyaychev

    Beethoven 5

  18. Symphonic Rat Pack

  19. Photograph of Jess Gillam wearing a brightly patterned suit and playing the saxophone in front of graffiti.

    Jess Gillam plays Williams & Villa-Lobos

  20. Photograph of Charlotte Saluste Bridoux againsta bright yellow background

    The CBSO at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

  21. Photograph of Jess Gillam laughing and holding her saxophone.

    The CBSO at Sheffield City Hall

  22. Photograph of a school child dancing at a performance

    KS1 Concert: Dino Disco

  23. A school child gives a standing ovation at Symphony Hall

    KS2 & KS3 Concerts

  24. Photograph of a group of school children dancing together

    KS1 Concert: Dino Disco

  25. Photograph of soprano Natalya Romaniw performing in a blue gown.

    Tchaikovsky & Beethoven