Minimalism meets improvisation in this immersive performance on the Symphony Hall stage.

Audiences are invited to be part of something special this April. A fully immersive performance allowing you to get closer to the music than ever before: on the Symphony Hall stage. Grab a drink, sit down amongst CBSO musicians and allow yourself to be completely surrounded by sound.

Terry Riley’s In C is one of the earliest minimalist pieces, and with endless chances for improvisation, no two performances are the same. Today you’ll hear it performed by 35 musicians from the CBSO, a piece that builds on ever-changing textures and melodies, open fully to interpretation.

GRAMMY nominated composer Andy Akiho’s infectious Karakurenai and a DJ set from Echo Juliet makes this a Sunday afternoon not to miss.

Doors open at 4pm. Live music from 5pm.

About Symphonic Sessions: In C

Full programme

  • Terry Riley, In C 
  • Andy Akiho, Karakurenai