Charm, wit - and a well-earned triumph!

"I wrote it in but a few days and almost carelessly", said Mendelssohn (perhaps too modestly!) about his first Piano Concerto. Benjamin Grosvenor sparkles in the solo role. Mozart’s ‘Prague’ Symphony is effortless elegance itself, while hinting at a dark side. Brahms, on the other hand, laboured over his first symphony for nearly 20 years. It was well worth his trouble – personal, powerful and with a glorious (possibly relieved) finale.

About Mendelssohn & Brahms

Full programme

  • Mozart, Symphony No.38 (Prague)  (26mins)
  • Mendelssohn, Piano Concerto No.1  (21mins)
  • Brahms, Symphony No.1  (45mins)


  • Robert Trevino

  • Photograph of Benjamin Grosvenor

    Benjamin Grosvenor