Full Programme:

  • Britten, The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra  (18)
  • John Williams, Nimbus 2000  (3)
  • Carreño, Mi Teresita  (2)
  • Coleridge-Taylor, Novelletten, Allegro Molto  (4)
  • Dukas, La Peri  (3)
  • Ed Argenziano, Stinkin' Garbage  (3)
  • Price, Symphony No. 1, Juba Dance  (3)
  • Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 5  (3)


A fun-filled introduction to the orchestra for the whole family!

Ok, so what exactly IS an orchestra? Why is the piccolo so small? Why is the tuba so big? And what on earth does a xylophone sound like? In this entertaining concert for the whole family, the CBSO will show you how it all works – with a bit of help from Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide!

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