Described as 'an amazing talent' by Gustavo Dudamel, Spanish violinist Francisco Fullana will release his debut recording in March 2018 with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Entitled Through the Lens of Time, the recording brings together four modern perspectives reimagining the Baroque tradition: a dialogue that prompts both composers and performers to explore musical giants of the past and place them in their own lives.

About Francisco Fullana: Through the Lens of Time


Carlos Izcaray, conductor
Francisco Fullana
, violin
David Fung, piano
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra


Max Richter The Four Seasons Recomposed (after A. Vivaldi)
Yun Königliches Thema (after J.S. Bach's Musical Offering)
Schnittke Suite in the Old Style
Brotons Variacons sobre un tema barroc (after A. Lliteres's Accis y Galatea)

An imaginative recording debut from the young Spanish violinist, who brings infectious energy and freshness to max Richter's reworking of The Four Seasons, folksy, whimsical charm to Schnittke's Suite in the Old Style, and austere elegance to Isang Yun's homage to Bach's Musical Offering. Definitely a name to watch - I'd love to hear him in the solo sonatas and partitas.

Katherine Cooper, Presto Music

Release Date: 2 March 2018
Record Label: Orchid Classics
Duration: 73 minutes