Experience the wonders of the natural world.

Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony is one of the sunniest works ever written for orchestra, with its songs and merry gatherings. Mahler’s Song of the Earth is earthy indeed, with its boisterous drinking songs. But it ends with an acceptance of man’s short life – and earth’s endless renewal. Karen Cargill and Brendan Gunnell take on the powerful vocal solos, and we welcome back the brilliant Alpesh Chauhan to lead the orchestra.

About Beethoven & Mahler

Full programme

  • Beethoven, Symphony No.6 (Pastoral)  (40mins)
  • Mahler, Das Lied von der Erde  (59mins)


  • Alpesh Chauhan

  • Headshot of Karen Cargill.

    Karen Cargill

    Mezzo Soprano
  • Brenden Gunnell