The pictures Modest Mussorgsky saw at an exhibition in 1874 were fantastical and surreal – uniting objects and animals, poetic atmosphere and architectural precision.

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s Prom under Kazuki Yamada presents a rare opportunity to hear the music those images inspired in Mussorgsky in the picturesque orchestration by Proms founder-conductor Henry Wood, which pre-dates Ravel’s by seven years. Ravel fans can revel in the enchanted world of his fairy-tale ballet Mother Goose.

In addition, there’s Mozart’s probing final piano concerto and a welcome outing for Augusta Holmès’s hypnotic interlude ‘La nuit et l’amour’.

Broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

About Prom 43: Pictures at an Exhibition

Full programme

  • Ravel, Mother Goose Suite  (16mins)
  • Mozart, Piano Concerto No.27  (32mins)
  • Holmès, La Nuit et L’Amour  (6mins)
  • Mussorgsky, orch. Wood, Pictures at an Exhibition  (30mins)