Celebrating 200 years of Bruckner.

Bruckner’s majestic motets and monumental Mass in E Minor form the centrepiece of this concert to mark his 200th birthday. Bruckner’s sacred symphony draws inspiration from Renaissance Rome, and the timeless elegance of Palestrina. Allegri’s ever popular Miserere – once shrouded in secrecy and renowned for its soaring soprano lines – completes the programme.

Presented by Ex Cathedra.

Tickers on sale 23 May 2024.

About Ex Cathedra: Bruckner, Palestrina & Allegri

Full programme

  • Bruckner, Locus iste, Ave Maria, Ecce sacerdos, Inveni David  (12mins)
  • Palestrina, Missa sine nomine (Kyrie, Gloria)  (9mins)
  • Allegri, Miserere  (5mins)
  • Bruckner, Mass in E Minor  (42mins)


  • Jeffrey Skidmore conducting

    Jeffrey Skidmore

  • Ex Cathedra singers in concert

    Ex Cathedra

  • Photograph of a tuba player using his mute as a percussion instrument.

    CBSO Wind and Brass