Gorgeous love songs and a symphonic sunshine.

Wagner’s sumptuous Wesendonck Lieder were inspired by the poetry of Mathilde Wesendonck, the wife of his patron with whom he fell in love (somewhat unwisely). The exceptional Jamie Barton brings out every romantic word. Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’ symphony is reminiscent of beautiful blue skies and brings a sunny conclusion to this lovely afternoon of music.

About Mendelssohn & Wagner

Full programme

  • Mendelssohn, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Overture  (12mins)
  • Wagner, Wesendock Lieder  (22mins)
  • Roxanna Panufnik, Alma’s Songs Without Words  (14mins)
  • Mendelssohn, Symphony No.4 (Italian)  (25mins)


  • Black and white photograph of Pierre Bleuse.

    Pierre Bleuse

  • Jamie Barton

    Mezzo Soprano