Dark passions from the soul of Eastern Europe.

Dvořák saw a train roaring into a station and heard the melody that would grow into his Seventh Symphony. Tchaikovsky poured his heart into a Violin Concerto that dances as well as sings (and soloist Andrii Murza can do both). As for Bohdana Frolyak: well, her Adagio just speaks straight to the heart. Her fellow-Ukrainian Oksana Lyniv brings the same commitment to every note she conducts.

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Symphony No.7 (Finale) Dvořák

Full programme

  • Frolyak, Adagio  (15mins)
  • Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto  (33mins)
  • Dvořák, Symphony No.7  (35mins)


  • Headshot of Oksana Lyniv

    Oksana Lyniv

  • Photograph of Andrii Murza

    Andrii Murza