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In the mid-twentieth century Sibelius was massive: a big influence on composers and audiences loved him. Still’s Threnody is a stunning tribute after Sibelius’ death. Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No.2 crackles with energy - an athletic workout for the brilliant Yeol Eum Son. Sibelius’s exuberant Symphony No.5 was inspired by the sight of flying swans: ‘One of my greatest experiences!’ he wrote. ‘Lord God, what beauty!’

About Prokofiev & Sibelius

Full programme

  • William Grant Still, Threnody (In Memory of Jean Sibelius)  (6mins)
  • Prokofiev, Piano Concerto No.2  (31mins)
  • Sibelius, Symphony No.5  (30mins)


  • Headshot of Jonathon Heyward

    Jonathon Heyward

  • Yeol Eum Son