Electronic hip-hop, jazz, rap – an invitation for the whole world to dance.

Inspired by a year of turbulent racial politics, culture wars and the pandemic, Soweto Kinch produced White Juju for jazz quartet and symphony orchestra. Taking the saxophone solo spot himself, and rapping, he brings us a brilliant, bold and important work which – though serious – he intends to be healing. ‘It’s a tonic.’ He writes. ‘It’s danceable.’

About Soweto Kinch: White Juju

Full programme

  • Soweto Kinch, White Juju  (75mins)


  • Lee Reynolds

  • Photo of Soweto Kinch holding two saxaphones

    Soweto Kinch

    Saxophones & Vocals
  • Rick Simpson

  • Nick Jurd

    Double Bass
  • Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Louis Hamilton-Foad