Full programme

  • Overture  (4mins)
  • Martin, Las Vegas Opener  (4mins)
  • Martin, Ain’t That a Kick in the Head  (3mins)
  • Martin & The Golddiggers, Sway  (3mins)
  • Martin & The Golddiggers, That’s Amore  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Come Fly with Me  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Night and Day  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Let’s Face the Music and Dance  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, I’ve Got you Under My Skin  (4mins)
  • Davis Jr., A Lot of Livin' to Do  (3mins)
  • Davis Jr., The Candyman  (4mins)
  • Davis Jr., Mr Bojangles  (4mins)
  • Sinatra & Martin, Just in Time  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Davis Jr. & Martin, Leroy Brown  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Strangers in the Night  (3mins)
  • Sinatra & The Golddiggers, Somethin‘ Stupid  (3mins)
  • Davis Jr., What Kind of Fool am I?  (3mins)
  • Sinatra & Davis Jr., Me and My Shadow  (3mins)
  • Sinatra & Martin, Well Did you Evah!  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Luck Be a Lady  (3mins)
  • Sinatra, Fly Me to the Moon  (2mins)
  • Martin & The Golddiggers, Volare / On an Evening in Roma  (4mins)
  • Martin & The Golddiggers, Everybody Loves Somebody  (4mins)
  • Sinatra, Davis Jr. & Martin, Mack the Knife  (4mins)
  • Sinatra, My Way  (5mins)
  • Sinatra, Davis Jr. & Martin, New York, New York  (4mins)


  • Headshot of Alfonso Casado Trigo

    Alfonso Casado Trigo

  • Photograph of Stephen Triffit singing into a microphone.

    Stephen Triffitt

  • Headshot of Mark Adams holding a microphone.

    Mark Adams

  • Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    George Long

  • Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Megan Turner

  • Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Hannah Lindsey

  • Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Emma Fentiman



The Definitive Rat Pack, Stephen Triffitt, Mark Adams and George Long, are delighted to be performing with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra this evening.

Mark, George and Stephen have been performing together around the globe for over twenty years, bringing their characters to life on stage. Working with a big band is always a thrill, but to work alongside one of the world’s finest orchestras singing these songs in all their full glory is simply exhilarating.

Mark, as Dean, will give you a “Kick in the Head” and hopes that “Everybody Loves Somebody” afterwards. George, as Sammy, will bring some “Candy” without being too much of a “Fool”. While Stephen, as Frank, will get “Under Your Skin” and do it “His Way”.

George, Stephen and Mark, along with the Golddiggers Megan, Emma and Hannah, couldn’t be more excited about this evening’s concert and wish you a most enjoyable evening.

Icons of Music, Style, and Camaraderie

The Rat Pack, a legendary group of musicians, defined an era of entertainment with their charismatic performances, smooth vocals, and undeniable charm. Comprising Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford, the Rat Pack emerged in the 1950s and had a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

At the heart of the Rat Pack was Frank Sinatra, often hailed as the "Chairman of the Board." Sinatra's velvety voice and magnetic stage presence made him a musical icon. His rendition of timeless classics like My Way and New York, New York remains synonymous with the Rat Pack's legacy. Dean Martin, known for his laid-back demeanour and crooning style, added a touch of suavity to the group. Martin's hits, including That's Amore and Everybody Loves Somebody, showcased his vocal prowess and contributed to the Rat Pack's collective appeal.

Sammy Davis Jr., a multi-talented performer, brought a dynamic energy to the group. A singer, dancer, and actor, Davis captivated audiences with his versatility. His rendition of Mr. Bojangles and his collaboration with Sinatra on Me and My Shadow are standout moments in the Rat Pack's musical repertoire. Joey Bishop, the group's resident comedian, infused humour into their performances, and Peter Lawford, an actor and socialite, rounded out the ensemble.

Beyond their individual talents, what set the Rat Pack apart was their on-stage chemistry. Their live performances, often characterised by banter, improvisation, and camaraderie, captured the essence of the Rat Pack experience. The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas became a famous venue for their shows, symbolising the era's glamorous nightlife and entertainment scene. The Rat Pack's influence extended beyond music into film and television. The members collaborated on films like Ocean's 11 and appeared together on TV specials, solidifying their status as cultural icons. While the Rat Pack's heyday was in the 1960s, their impact endures, and their music continues to resonate with audiences today, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication and cool that defines an era gone by. The Rat Pack remains an enduring symbol of a bygone era, where music, style, and camaraderie converged to create an unparalleled entertainment legacy.

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