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A CBSO Creative Schools’ Project

During the 2024 Spring term, 5 Primary Schools across Sandwell embarked on a creative journey inspired by Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. The Repertoire Project involved a selected KS2 year group working with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, taking part in arts and music workshops, and creating new and exciting visual artwork and compositions. The project was then finalised by a string quintet visit, inviting the whole school to experience high-quality live music.

The pupils were first introduced to the project theme by our partner artist Benny Semp, looking at the artwork of Viktor Hartmann that first inspired Mussorgsky. Through interactive arts workshops, they crafted visual art pieces, drawing inspiration from the artwork that had first inspired Mussorgsky to create Pictures at an Exhibition.

Today was the bestest day of my life because we got to make a song and the bit I really enjoyed was when me and my friends played the bells. Thank you for coming.

Pupil at Highfields Primary School

Like Mussorgsky himself, the pupils brought their artwork along to their music workshops to draw inspiration for their music composition. At each school, 2 CBSO musicians led the children through their composition to create a final piece of music. Pupils enhanced their musical knowledge and worked collaboratively with their classmates throughout the creative process. In their final workshop, each composition was recorded by a member of the CBSO Learning & Engagement team. The recording was then edited and sent back to the school to be shared amongst the teachers and pupils to celebrate the pupils’ achievements.

The Repertoire Project was then concluded with an interactive performance from our CBSO Career Accelerator Fellows in each school, providing all pupils with the opportunity to experience live high-quality music. The pupils got to discover the wonderful work of Mussorgsky, as well as hear classic favourites such as Sleeping Beauty Waltz and Harry Potter.

Congratulations to the 5 schools involved in this year’s Repertoire Project for their hard work demonstrated in their art and music workshops! Enjoy browsing through the art gallery, and please do share the link with your families and friends.

Yew Tree Primary School

3 Year 4 classes worked with Amy L, Hetti, and Shulah to write Pirates, Doggies and Dinosaurs, Rainbow Watermelon, The Reindeer Greatest Showman, The River That Led to the Treasure, The Egg and the Mysterious Man, The Imaginary Music Man, and Unicorn Thunder.

Shireland Technology Primary School

2 Year 4 classes worked with James and Amy L to write The Sun and the Moon, The Outlaws, All Around the World, Tunnel of Darkness, Party Under the Sea, and The Random Pomegranate.

Lightwoods Primary School

2 Year 5 classes worked with James and Mark to write Skeleton, Mountain of Mystery, Mountain Sunset, Gateway to Paradise, Ultra Titan Speaker Man, and City Sundown.

Holyhead Primary School

1 Year 4 class worked with Amy J and Sarah to write Wednesday Painting Exhibition.

Highfields Primary School

2 Year 4 classes worked with Jane and Kate to write The Portal to the Party and The Realm of Mystery.