Thank you

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra makes musical experiences to enrich the lives of audiences and communities across Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. This work is made possible thanks to the incredible support we receive from our members, donors, trusts & foundations, and corporate partners.

Exceptional Supporters

The following individuals, trusts and companies have nurtured the CBSO's world excellence and broad community reach by offering exceptional philanthropic support to the CBSO and the CBSO Development Trust's private endowment fund over time, either by making major gifts, by leaving a legacy or through sustained annual giving.

City of Birmingham Orchestral Endowment Fund

Rachel Baker Memorial Charity
The late Roy Collins
Dunard Fund
John Osborn CBE
Garfield Weston Foundation

The late Miss G Brant
David and Sandra Burbidge
John Ellerman Foundation
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The John Feeney Charitable Trust
The JABBS Foundation
Alison and Jamie Justham
Barry and Frances Kirkham
Maurice Millward
Clive Richards Foundation (Principal Supporter of the CBSO's work with young people)
Jerry Sykes

The late Mr P S Day
Deutsche Bank
The late Elnora Ferguson

The late Mrs Marjorie Hildreth
Peter How
The late Mr John Thomas Knight
The Helen Rachael Mackaness Charitable Trust
The late Blyth and Myriam Major
Mrs Thelma Justham
The Leverhulme Trust
The LJC Fund
Chris and Jane Loughran
The late Martin Purdy
The late Norman Thomas
The late Sheri and Mrs Janet Tullah
The Roger and Douglas Turner Charitable Trust
Wolfson Foundation


Over 1,500 members contribute annually to ensure the orchestra's vital work, both on and off the concert platform, can happen. Thank you to each and every one of you.


Felonious Mongoose in memory of Dolores

Symphony Circle

Graham Russell and Gloria Bates
John Cole and Jennie Howe
Gill and Jonathan Evans
Anita & Wyn Griffiths
David Knibb in memory of Lorraine

The Charlotte Heber-Percy Charitable Trust
Len Hughes & Jacquie Blake
Sue & Graeme Sloan
and our other anonymous supporters

London Circle

David and Marilyn Clark
Peggy Czyzak-Dannenbaum

Andrew Deacon
Graeme and Sue Sloan

Hattie and Tony Smart

Concerto Circle

Viv and Hazel Astling
The Barwell Charitable Trust
Allan and Jennifer Buckle
Mrs Jayne Cadbury
Jill S Cadbury
Isabel, Peter and Christopher in loving memory of Ernest Churcher
Gay and Trevor Clarke
Charlie and Louise Craddock
Mike and Tina Detheridge
Duncan Fielden and Jan Smaczny
David Gregory
David Handford
The Andrew Harris Charitable Trust
Dr Allan Hough

Peter How
Cliff Hubbold
Valerie Lester
Paddy and Wendy Martin
Patrick and Tricia McDermott
Carole McKeown and David Low
Carol Miller
Frank North
Angela O'Farrell and Michael Lynes
John Osborn
Dianne Page
Gerard Paris
Simon and Margaret Payton
Robert Perkin
Margaret Rogers

Gillian Shaw
Eleanor Sinton
Mr D P Spencer
Lesley Thomson
Basil and Patricia Turner
Howard and Judy Vero
Michael Ward
Diana and Peter Wardley
Robert Wilson
John Yelland OBE and Anna
and our other anonymous supporters

Overture Circle

Jan Adams in memory of Mike
Katherine Aldridge, in memory of Chris
Michael Allen in memory of Yvonne
Miss J L Arthur
Kiaran Asthana
Mr M K Ayers
John Bartlett
Michael Bates
Peter and Jane Baxter
Christine and Neil Bonsall
Mrs Jennifer Brooks in memory of David
Helen Chamberlain in memory of Allan Chamberlain
Dr Anthony Cook and Ms Susan Elias
Ann Copsey
John Cunningham-Dexter
Julian and Lizzie Davey
Tony Davis and Darin Qualls
Jenny Dawson
Dr Judith Dewsbury in memory of Tony
Alan Faulkner
Elisabeth Fisher
Wally Francis
Anita and Wyn Griffiths
Mary and Tony Hale

Keith and Mavis Hughes
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
Basil Jackson
In memory of Harry and Rose Jacobi
Mr Michael and Mrs Elaine Jones
John Jordan
John and Jenny Kendall
John and Lisa Kent
Jane Lewis
Richard Lewis
James and Anthea Lloyd
Tim Marshall
David R Mayes OBE
Philip Mills
Paul and Elaine Murray
Ian C Norton
Andrew Orchard and Alan Jones
Roger and Jenny Otto, in memory of Juliet
Rob Page
Sir Michael and Lady Joan Perry
Dr John Peterson
Julie and Tony Phillips
Rosalyn and Philip Phillips
Clive and Cynthia Prior
Ian Richards

David and Jane Roper
Dr Roger Shinton
Peter and Shirley Robinson
Mr A M and Mrs R J Smith
Mark and Amanda Smith
Pam and Alistair Smith
William Smith
Colin Squire OBE
Mr M and Mrs S A Squires
Jan and Peter Sterling and the Newport Music Coach
Brenda Sumner
Tenors of the CBSO Chorus
Alan Titchmarsh MBE
Mr R J and Mrs M Walls
Mr E M Worley CBE and Mrs A Worley DL
Mike and Jane Yeomans in memory of Jack Field
Richard and Emma Yorke
and our other anonymous supporters

Gold Patrons

Mike Bowden
Lady Cadbury
Mr C J M Carrier
Christine and John Carroll
Tim Cherry
Tim Clarke and family
Professor and Mrs M H Cullen
Roger and Liz Dancey
Robin and Kathy Daniels
Sir Ian and Lady Dove
Professor Sir David Eastwood
Mr G L and Mrs D Evans
Geoff and Dorothy Fearnehough

Nicola Fleet-Milne
Susan and John Franklin
Mr R Furlong and Ms M Penlington
Averil Green in memory of Terry Green
John Gregory in memory of Janet
Tony and Shirley Hall
Miss C Midgley
Nigel and Sarah Moores
Andrew and Linda Murray
Chris and Eve Parker
Phillipa and Laurence Parkes
Chris and Sue Payne
Professor and Mrs A Rickinson
Canon Dr Terry Slater

Dr Barry and Mrs Marian Smith
Pam Snell
Ian and Ann Standing
Rimma Sushanskaya
Janet and Michael Taplin
Bryan and Virginia Turner
Roy Walton
Revd T and Mrs S Ward
David Wright and Rachel Parkins
and our other anonymous supporters

Silver Patrons

Mr and Mrs S V Barber
Richard Allen and Gail Barron
Mr P G Battye
Paul Bond
Professor Lalage Bown
Mr A D and Mrs M Campbell
Peter and Jane Christopher
Sue Clodd and Mike Griffiths
David and Marian Crawford-Clarke
Mrs A P Crockson
Dr Margaret Davis and Dr John Davis
Alistair Dow
Naomi and David Dyker
Jane Fielding and Benedict Coleman
Mrs D R Greenhalgh
Cliff Haresign

Mr and Mrs G Jones
Bob and Elizabeth Keevil
Rodney and Alyson Kettel
Rebecca King, in loving memory of Ian
Mr Peter T Marsh
James and Meg Martineau
Peter and Julia Maskell
Dr and Mrs Bernard Mason
Carmel and Anthony Mason
Anthony and Barbara Newson
Richard Newton
Mrs A J Officer
Liz and Keith Parkes
Mr R Perkins and Miss F Hughes
Dr and Mrs Plewes
The Revd. Richard and Mrs Gill Postill
Kath and Mike Poulter

Eileen Poxton in memory of Reg Poxton
Dr and Mrs R C Repp
Ray Smith
Andy Street
John and Dorothy Tesh
Professor and Mrs J A Vale
William and Janet Vincent
Tony and Hilary Vines
Peter Walling
Simon and Julie Ward
Stephen Williams
John and Daphne Wilson
Geoff and Moira Wyatt
Paul C Wynn
and our other anonymous supporters


Mrs Thérèse Allibon
David and Lesley Arkel
Val and Graham Bache
Leon and Valda Bailey
Andrew Baker
Andrew Barnell
Mr P and Mrs S Barnes
Mr and Mrs Barnfield
Di Bass
Paul Beckwith
Mr I L Bednall
Gareth Beedie
Peter and Gill Bertinat
Philip and Frances Betts
Mrs Ann Billen
Michael and Beryl Blood
Bridget Blow CBE
Anthony and Jennifer Bradbury
Dr Jane Flint Bridgewater and Mr Kenneth Bridgewater
Mr Arthur Brooker
M. L. Brown
Ross Browning
Mr and Mrs J H Bulmer
Mr G H and Mrs J M Butler
Benedict and Katharine Cadbury
Jeannie Cadman
Elizabeth Ceredig
Carole and Richard Chillcott
Dr J and Mrs S Chitnis
Peter and Jane Christopher
Ann Clayden and Terry Thorpe
Dr A J Cochran
Dee and Paul Cocking
Mrs S M Coote in memory of John
D and M Coppage
Luned Corser
Maurice and Ann Crutchlow
Judith Cutler and Keith Miles
Sue Dalley and Martin Willis
Robert and Barbara Darlaston
Trevor Davis
Kath Deakin
John and Sue Del Mar
Dr J Dilkes
Brian and Mary Dixon
Miss Barbara Donaldson
Terry Dougan and Christina Lomas
John Drury
Catherine Duke
Chris Eckersley
Linda and William Edmondson
Alex and Fran Elder
Robert van Elst
Miss E W Evans

Dr D W Eyre-Walker
Chris Fonteyn MBE
Susan and John Franklin
Alan and Christine Giles
Prof J Gilkison and Prof T Hocking
Stephen J Gill
R and J Godfrey
Jill Godsall
Laura Greenaway in memory of David Richards
Roger and Gaye Hadley
Nigel and Lesley Hagger-Vaughan
Miss A R Haigh
Mr W L Hales
Malcolm Harbour
Ian Hartland
Phil Haywood in memory of Ann
Keith Herbert and Pat Gregory
Hanne Hoeck and John Rawnsley
Susan Holmes in memory of Peter
Valerie and David Howitt
Penny Hughes
Henry and Liz Ibberson
Mr R M E and Mrs V Irving
Ken and Chris Jones
Paul Jule
Mrs P Keane
Clive Kerridge and Susan van Helvert
Mr and Mrs R Kirby
Mr A D Kirkby
Professor and Mrs R J Knecht
Bill Lane
Brian Langton
Colin & Joan Lapworth
Mrs D Larkam
Jennie Lawrence in memory of Philip
Emmanuel Lebaut
Steve Leonard and Debbie Fuller
Mr J F and Mrs M J Lloyd
Professor David London
Geoff and Jean Mann
Geoff and Jenny Mason
Mr A A McLintock
Patro Mobsby
Geoff Mullett
P J and H I B Mulligan
Mrs M M Nairn
Richard and Shirley Newby
Richard Newton and Katharine Francis
Brian Noake
Ms E Norton OBE
In Memory of Jack and Pam Nunn
Marie and John O’Brien
Mr and Mrs R T Orme
J Osborne

Nigel Packer
Rod Parker and Lesley Biddle
Graham and Bobbie Perry
David and Julia Powell
Gill Powell and John Rowlatt
C Predota
Roger Preston
Richard and Lynda Price
John Randall
Dr and Mrs K Randle
Katy and David Ricks
Peter and Pauline Roe
Jane and Peter Rowe
Helen Rowett and David Pelteret
Christopher and Marion Rowlatt
Dr Gwynneth Roy
Vic and Anne Russell
Mrs L J Sadler
Carole and Chris Sallnow
Stephen Saltaire
William and Eileen Saunders
Margaret and Andrew Sherrey
Dr and Mrs Shrank
Keith Shuttleworth
Elizabeth Simons
Mr N R Skelding
Ed Smith
Mary Smith and Brian Gardner in memory of John and Jen
Ray Smith
Matthew Somerville and Deborah Kerr
Lyn Stephenson
Anne Stock
Mr and Mrs J B Stuffins
J E Sutton
Barbara Taylor in memory of Michael Taylor
Claire Tilt
John Turney in memory of Anne
Mrs J H Upward
Bob and Louise Vivian
Kit Ward
Ann Warne
Neil Warren
Mrs M L Webb
Elisabeth and Keith Wellings
Mr and Mrs J West
Mr William and Mrs Rosemary Whiting
Pippa Whittaker
John and Pippa Wickson
Richard and Mary Williams
Barry and Judith Williamson
John Winterbottom
and our other anonymous supporters


Thank you to those who have chosen to make a gift to the CBSO this year:

Katherine Aldridge
Baltimore Friends of the CBSO
John Cole and Jennie Howe
Professor Dame Sandra Dawson

Naomi Dyker
Wally Francis
Peter Graham
Chris Morley

Members of the Newport Music Coach
Mr & Mrs P Rawle
Frances and Bob Young
The George Cadbury Fund

Legacy Donors

We are grateful to all those who have given to the CBSO Development Trust's private endowment fund, thus enabling the orchestra to become more self-sufficient for the long term.

Philip Bowden
Allan and Jennifer Buckle
Isabel Churcher
Mr and Mrs P Cocking
John Cole and Jennie Howe
Tony Davis and Darin Qualls
Mark Devin
Alistair Dow
Felonious Mongoose
Valerie Frankland
Jill Godsall
David and Lesley Harrington
Tricia Harvey
Mr Trevor and Mrs Linda Ingram
Robin and Dee Johnson
Alan Jones and Andrew Orchard
Ms Lou Jones
Peter Macklin
Philip Mills
Stephen Osborne
Gill Powell
Dr & Mrs K Randle

David Reeve
Martyn and Kathryn Roberts
Philip Rothenberg
Mrs C E Smith and Mr William Smith
Pam Snell
Miss K V Swift
John Taylor
Mr D M and Mrs J G Thorne
John Vickers
Mrs Angela and Mr John Watts
Philip Wilson
Alan Woodfield
In memory of Chris Aldridge
In memory of Peter Ashton
The late Terence Baum
The late Elizabeth Bathurst Blencowe
The late Mr Peter Walter Black
The late Miss Sheila Margaret Burgess Smith
The late Colin W Clarke
The late Roy Collins
The late Mr Peter S Day

The late Mary Fellows
The late Colin Graham
The late Mrs Marjorie Hildreth
David, in memory of Ruth Pauline Holland
The late William Jones
The late Mr John Thomas Knight
The late Mr and Mrs F McDermott and Mrs C Hall
The late Myriam Josephine Major
The late Joyce Middleton
The late Peter & Moyra Monahan
The late Arthur Mould
The late June North
In memory of David Reeve, a true music lover
The late Mrs Edith Roberts
The late Mr Andrew Roulstone
The late Thomas Edward Scott
The late Mrs Sylvia Stirman
The late Mrs Eileen Summers
and our other anonymous donors

Endowment Donors

We are grateful to all those who have given to the CBSO Development Trust's private endowment fund, thus enabling the orchestra to become more self-sufficient for the long term.

Mike and Jan Adams
Arts for All
Viv and Hazel Astling
The Barwell Charitable Trust
In memory of Foley L Bates
Bridget Blow CBE
Miss Margery Elliott
Simon Fairclough
Sir Dexter Hutt

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
The Justham Trust
Mrs Thelma Justham
Barry and Frances Kirkham
Chris and Jane Loughran
Linda Maguire-Brookshaw
Mazars Charitable Trust
Andrew Orchard and Alan Jones
John Osborn

Margaret Payton
Roger Pemberton and Monica Pirotta
David Pett
Pinsent Masons
Martin Purdy
Peter and Sally-Ann Sinclair
Jerry Sykes
Alessandro and Monica Toso
Patrick Verwer
R C and F M Young Trust

Trusts and Foundations

We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from Trusts and Foundations. This enables us to deliver all aspects of our work, which includes bringing musical experiences to young people and communities in the West Midlands.

29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne
Austin And Hope Pilkington Trust
Backstage Trust
Baron Davenport's Charity
Clive Richards Foundation
Dumbreck Charity
Dunard Fund
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Fidelio Charitable Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
George Fentham Birmingham Charity
GJW Turner Trust
Grantham Yorke Trust
John Ellerman Foundation
John Horniman's Children's Trust
The Leverhulme Trust

Miss Albright Grimley Charity
Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation
Scops Arts Trust
The Alan Woodfield Charitable Trust
The Andor Charitable Trust
The Charles Brotherton Trust
The D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
The Edward & Dorothy Cadbury Trust
The Fenton Arts Trust
The George Henry Collins Charity
The Golsoncott Foundation
The Grey Court Trust
The Grimmitt Trust
The Helen Rachel Mackaness Charitable Trust
The JABBS Foundation

The John Avins Trust
The John Feeney Charitable Trust
The LJC Fund
The Lord Austin Trust
The M K Rose Charitable Trust
The MacRobert Trust
The McLay Dementia Trust
The Oakley Charitable Trust
The Perry Family Charitable Trust
The Rachel Baker Memorial Charity
The Roger & Douglas Turner Charitable Trust
The Rowlands Trust
The S & D Lloyd Charity
The Saintbury Trust

Public Funders

Principal Sponsor

Corporate Partners

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Education Partners

Strategic & In-Kind

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