List of Events

  1. Photograph of Michael England conducting the CBSO, whilst the players wear Christmas hats.

    Christmas at the Movies

  2. Symphonic Rat Pack

  3. Photograph of Jess Gillam wearing a brightly patterned suit and playing the saxophone in front of graffiti.

    Jess Gillam plays Williams & Villa-Lobos

  4. Photograph of singers performing in front of the CBSO at Symphony Hall

    Best of Broadway

  5. Photograph of a man holding a red lightsaber.

    May the Fourth: A Star Wars Celebration

  6. Photograph of Tom Redmond presenting a family concert with the CBSO.

    Family Concert: Cartoon Classics

  7. A still taken from the film Amadeus showing Mozart in a grand hall.

    Amadeus: Film with Live Orchestra

  8. Photograph of ballerina Zenaida Yanowsky dancing in a white tutu.

    Best of Ballet

  9. An illustration of a red crystal violin with the words Final Symphony 2 around it.

    Final Symphony II: Music from FINAL FANTASY

  10. Illustration of a night sky and candyfloss coloured clouds.

    Art of the Score: The Music of Hans Zimmer