List of Events

  1. Photograph of ballerina Zenaida Yanowsky dancing in a white tutu.

    Best of Ballet

  2. An illustration of a red crystal violin with the words Final Symphony 2 around it.

    Final Symphony II: Music from FINAL FANTASY

  3. Illustration of a night sky and candyfloss coloured clouds.

    Art of the Score: The Music of Hans Zimmer

  4. Life on Our Planet in Concert

  5. Family Concert: Music from the Movies

  6. Music at the Movies

  7. Musical Magic

  8. The Best of John Williams

  9. It's a Living Thing: The Music of ELO

  10. An Evening of Thelonious Monk & Miles Davis

  11. Classic FM Hall of Fame

  12. Abbey Road Concerto

  13. Top Gun: Maverick in Concert

  14. Video Games in Concert

  15. Best of Bollywood