Musical journeys and flamboyant characters in this colourful concert.

Strauss creates an exhilarating portrait of Don Juan’s wild life and dramatic death. Adès' Violin Concerto traces musical rings, paths and rounds through its three movements. Leila Josefowicz and Thomas Søndergård dance and whirl with the music. Brahms wrote to his publisher that for his Symphony No.2 he had ‘never written anything so sad’. His tongue, however, was firmly in his cheek as this is one of his most outrageously cheerful pieces.

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Full programme

  • Strauss, Don Juan  (17mins)
  • Thomas Adès, Violin Concerto (Concentric Paths)  (20mins)
  • Brahms, Symphony No.2  (42mins)


  • Thomas Søndergård conducting.

    Thomas Søndergård

  • Leila Josefowicz