The kora and the orchestra combine for these evocative Rhapsodies.

This is a truly sublime set: as the second movement puts it, they are ‘Simply Beautiful’. The kora, a multi-stringed African instrument, is given the spotlight, played here by Seckou Keita. Evocative, poetic, joyful – not to be missed.

About Seckou Keita: African Rhapsodies

Full programme

  • I. The Future Strings Variation,
  • II. Simply Beautiful Miro,
  • III. Tatono’s Path,
  • IV. Ode to Kanou,
  • V. Tamala’s Caravan Trail,
  • VI. The Shadow Left by the Invisible Man,
  • VII. L'Epopee Mande-Arab,
  • VIII. Bamba, the Light of Touba,


  • Clark Rundell

  • Seckou Keita

    Singer / Kora
  • Suntou Susso

    Guest Artist