Jacqueline Tyler

Tutti Cello

Growing up in St Anne’s-on-Sea, Lancashire, meant that the sea and the beach were constant companions for Jackie until she left for college in her late teens. A piano-player from the age of four and inspired by the wealth of music that surrounded her as a member of the Lancashire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Jackie soon made the choice to pursue a career as a professional musician. At the age of 12, her mother decided Jackie ‘would look good behind a cello’ and that’s when she found her instrument.

As a teenager Jackie had lessons with Robert Glenton at Lancaster University before going on to study at the Royal Academy of Music under Florence Hooton. She’s since continued having lessons with various cellists including Radu Aldulescu, Bruno Schrecker and, for the baroque cello, Richard Tunnicliffe.

Jackie joined the CBSO as she left the Royal Academy of Music and just as Sir Simon Rattle began his 18 year tenure with the Orchestra. She says she couldn’t have wished for a better beginning to her career here and ‘I never tire of sitting amongst the wonderful music we play’.

Very early on Jackie became involved with the CBSO’s education work, which quickly became a very important part of her work here as she is ‘deeply committed to helping children experience, create and perform music of their own.’

Jackie also enjoys taking part in the Centre Stage chamber music series and is a founder member of the CBSO Baroque Ensemble, playing on period instruments. In her spare time she enjoys countryside, hill and mountain walking and helps to run a walking group in the region.