Mozart dances, Simpson dazzles, and Shostakovich has a blast.

Idomeneo, a story of kings, queens and Gods, is given a suitably noble treatment by Mozart, while his Concerto for Bassoon featuring CBSO’s Nikolaj Henriques, is as light and delicious as a soufflé. Simpson’s fabulous Trumpet Concertino, by turns sassy and slinky, gives the spotlight to CBSO’s Jason Lewis, while Shostakovich’s pithy Symphony No.9 goes from sprightly to feverish to downright raucous.

About Mozart & Shostakovich

Full programme

  • Mozart, Ballet Music from Idomeneo  (28mins)
  • Mozart, Bassoon Concerto in Bb Major  (18mins)
  • Mark Simpson, Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra (UK Premiere)  (16mins)
  • Shostakovich, Symphony No.9  (27mins)