Jeremy Watt

Sub-Principal Double Bass

Originally from Australia, Jeremy was probably lucky to make it through childhood at all. An incident with a fork and a powerpoint, an ugly meeting of head and golf club, a stunt man style motorcycle accident and many tear inducing piano lessons all colluded against him. Luckily, he was placed behind a double bass in his early teens, focussing all his self destructive energies on the never ending pursuit of the near impossible.

At the age of 23, having freelanced in Sydney and his native Brisbane for a number of years, Jeremy suddenly announced to his family he’d purchased a one way ticket to Europe, and in early 2002 flew to Brussels, before settling in London later that year with £17.30 in his pocket. He spent his first two years working in a big, famous record store on Oxford Street, where he met his wife, before stumbling into a trial for a job with one of the London orchestras.

The last 14 years he has spent freelancing through the UK and Europe, including stints as guest principal in Spanish, Norwegian and UK orchestras. While Jeremy has enjoyed a particularly close association with the Philharmonia and London Symphony Orchestras during this time he has worked extensively with most of this country’s wonderful ensembles, playing with some of the finest musicians in the world. It should be noted that many of the conductors and soloists have also been quite good.

In 2018 the CBSO offered Jeremy a permanent position within its famed double bass section. The chance to be a part of a world class ensemble, very close to his wife’s family in the Midlands was an opportunity he simply couldn’t resist. Some of his favourite classical recordings are of the CBSO, under it’s various music directors, and he’s honoured to now be working alongside many of the musicians featured on these iconic performances.

When he’s not at work, Jeremy can be found spending as much time as possible with his wife and young son, and their very lazy greyhound.