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    What does an Assistant Conductor do?

    11 October 2023
  2. Photograph of Peter Campbell-Kelly playing in the violin section in Symphony Hall

    Meet our new violinists!

    2 October 2023
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    Announcing our 2023/24 Assistant Conductors

    29 September 2023
  4. Photograph of the full orchestra and CBSO Chorus performing on stage at Symphony Hall

    Programmer Picks

    13 September 2023
  5. Photograph of the Orchestra on-stage.

    Welcoming Daichi Yoshimura and News from the Double Bass section

    26 July 2023
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    More New Music Than Eurovision

    6 June 2023
  7. Photograph of Jeremy Watt playing the double bass on a black background.

    2023-24: CBSO Remastered

    27 April 2023
  8. Close-up photograph of a violinist's hands as they play

    New faces in the Strings

    13 March 2023
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    Investing in Ambition, Talent & Hope

    1 December 2022